Our Team

Meet Genevieve: Owner / Dog Walker / Pet Sitter


A life-long love of animals and appreciation for the ability dogs and cats have to fill our hearts with joy led to the creation of Genevieve’s Pet Care, LLC in August, 2012.

Genevieve seeks to serve her community by offering peace of mind to the human companions who know their furry family members are getting the exercise and attention they need to be happy and healthy. 

Genevieve also offers energy healing services (for humans and pets!), meditation classes, and spiritual development classes as a Guide and Healer with the Modern Mystery School. To learn more: www.genevievewachutka.com

Meet Emily: Manager / Dog Walker / Pet Sitter


Emily has compassion for all living things and wants to do whatever she can to help people and animals have the best lives possible. The loves of her life are her husband, their 3 dogs, Domino (Puggle), Yoshi and Koopa (Pembroke Welsh Corgis), their dwarf bunny Sgt. Snuggles, and any other animal she meets. When she’s walking or spending time with your pet(s) they will get as much love from her as they would from their pet parents. Emily respects every animal she meets, and in order to expand her knowledge even further and help to strengthen her bond with animals, she will be going to school to become an animal trainer.

Meet Katie: Assistant Manager / Dog Walker / Pet Sitter


Meet Emmy: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

22792223_603901859733566_4168259602899088692_oEmmy has an obsession with dogs and other animals. She is currently going to school for business but hopes to later get her degree to become a certified veterinary technician. She previously volunteered at the Goodhue County Humane Society in Red Wing and that’s where she met the love of her life: her rescue pup Bronx. Most of her spare time is spent dedicated to taking care of Bronx, but she also enjoys creating art, cooking, going for walks, and driving/working on cars. She is a tad shy when it comes to people, but definitely blossoms around animals and others who share the same passion for four-legged friends.

Meet Lucy: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter


Lucy is the quintessential cat lady, turned traitor… she secretly loves dogs too!
She has a black cat/familiar, Eclipse, who has been trained to jump into her arms for breakfast each morning, and who asks for hugs. She has a particular love of working with rescue dogs; she finds joy in earning their trust. She enjoys baking pies, cooking new things, podcasts, biking, and amateur botany in her spare time.
Lucy currently runs Genevieve’s Instagram sharing photos of sweet furry friends for all to adore!

Meet Liz: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter


Meet Allyssa: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter


Meet Kourtney: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter



Meet Paul: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Meet Deanna: Pet Sitter

Meet Jade: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Meet Tara: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Meet Jen: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Meet Sophie: Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

What to Expect:

  1. To begin, we will setup a “Meet and Greet” appointment with you and your pet in your home. At this meeting we will discuss what you’re looking for and put together a plan that works for you.

  2. After we’ve met for the Meet and Greet, we’re ready to begin providing care for your pet whenever you need us!

  3. We will leave a detailed note after each visit to let you know how everything went.

  4. Services are collected on an invoice and delivered via email every two weeks (for ongoing service) or at the end of the last scheduled pet sitting visit.

For more information on the services we offer, see the Service Menu or submit a Service Request.



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