My Walks with Jax

I’ve been wanting to write about Jax for a while, but his camera shyness has led me to wait until I captured a photo where he wasn’t running the other direction.

gif of jax

I’m outta here!

When Genevieve’s Pet Care opened up for business, Jax was my first walking partner. Since then, we’ve been strolling along the Mississipi river together several days a week. One thing I can count on is that Jax loves to take breaks and roll around. It doesn’t matter whether the ground is covered by grass, ice, or snow (fresh snow is his favorite).

Jax rolling in snow

Jax is a smart dog, and strong as a horse. He can be stubborn about which route we take, or disagree that we should be out walking at all. He’ll let me know when he’d like to go home by putting on the breaks, hanging his head low, and looking up at me with those sweet puppy-dog eyes, saying, “no more.” But I know his weakness: Jax cannot resist a good hug.

When he gives me that look, all I have to do is welcome him into my arms and he comes running.


After a good hug, he’ll follow me wherever I ask him to go. I compromise by giving him time to roll around and enjoy the sunny (and snowy) afternoons the way he likes.

Jax rolling

Nothing better than a good roll on a sunny day!


Jax by river