Ruby and the Elusive Turkeys of Northeast

Wild turkeys roam freely in northeast Minneapolis. You can find them on residential streets, ditches, alleyways, or even window shopping along Johnson St. For a natural born tracker, like Miss Ruby, walks become more than just a bit of exercise. There is a mission. The challenge exists. We must accept.

This past week, Ruby and I came across a patch of fresh snow littered with turkey tracks. Ruby found the scent and we were off. The afternoon sun was high, warming the ground until we were soon tracking across bare pavement. We continued on their trail with Ruby’s nose to guide us.



“A turkey passed this way,” she said.

I could not tell how long it had been since the turkeys had been there,  but I trusted Ruby. We zig-zagged up and down the streets, finding neither sight nor sound of the turkeys. My hopes were buoyed as I looked in Ruby’s hopeful eyes, her enthusiasm and dedication to the hunt never waned.

Ruby 2

A determined pup

I admit that at times Ruby seemed distracted, but perhaps she was just being thorough. We investigated many snow banks that, to my untrained eye, didn’t seem to have any sign of the turkeys.

"No turkeys here!"

“No turkeys here!”

As we neared the end of the walk, I could tell Ruby’s heart was sinking. “You’ll find them next time,” I said with a smile. There’s always next time.

Ruby 3

A still hopeful dog