Meet Indie and Dexter

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with these two:

Indie (left) and Dexter (right) know how to have a good time. When I suggested we go for a walk, they replied with an enthusiastic “yes please!”

Taking to the streets, we wandered aimlessly through northeast. It wasn’t long before we came to a park and its smorgasbord of scents to explore. We criss-crossed the grassy square and drew attention from the kids who stared and pointed, saying “look at those dogs!”

I knew we were a good looking group. Proud, wandering adventurers. I smiled and looked ahead to the approaching hill. “It’s really hot out today,” I thought to myself , wishing I’d worn shorts.

Nearly the end of September and rumor had it we might hit eighty, but the breeze smelled like fall, and the reds and yellows creeping through the trees and littering the ground indicated change was in the air.

Indie and Dexter kept us moving along at a very good pace. There were so many wonderful smells! We’d stop often to investigate, but only for a moment’s hesitation, and then set off again. Winding our way from one presidential street to the next, we popped out onto St. Anthony Parkway and I recognized familiar territory. Deming Heights was just over the next hill, so we marched on to admire the big trees (and find a little shade) at that old park.

I’d once heard Deming Heights was the highest point in Minneapolis. It’s a favorite spot of mine, offering a great view of the city, and (fun fact!) it is also home to an elf who lives at the base of one of the trees near Taylor street.

After a short break at Deming Heights, we all agreed that it was time to head home for some water and a nap on the couch.

We’d earned it.