Our team of professional pet care specialists provide peace of mind to pet parents and their furry family members. We are dedicated to high quality service, for happy and healthy pets.

Why Genevieve’s Pet Care?

  • Less Stress! Individual, in-home visits allow your pet to enjoy their familiar surroundings and routines. We cater our care with individual attention to match the unique personality and needs your pet.

  • Consistency! We assign a small team of primary care givers, building that familiar relationship so your fur-baby can look forward to visits from his or her favorite pal.

  • Reliability! We have a proven track record of high quality, reliable care. Our team members will show up on time, complete all tasks with attention to detail, and leave a detailed note about the visit for you. The privacy, safety, and security of your pets and home is our top priority, and is the foundation for everything we do.

  • Big Hearts! We’re here because we LOVE working with animals, and want to play a role in supporting their happiness and health. We will pamper your pet with affectionate care and look forward to each visit. We love to see those tails wag!

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For more information, see the Service Menu or submit a Service Request.




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  1. Thanks for taking care of Molly during our absence. The daily updates and pictures were great. Molly seems to have enjoyed the visits immensely.

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